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Now more than ever, with a major shift to remote work that is becoming more digital, effective cross-cultural communication is vital for everyone to thrive.


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The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ is a proven methodology, guiding leaders/coaches in exploring with their employees/clients how to create inclusion and to succeed in diverse work environments.

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We combine our expertise with innovation to offer an engaging blended training approach that includes interactive virtual seminars, one-on-one coaching, and self-study learning. The course teaches coaches how to leverage tools to empower their clients to understand the importance of cultural, systemic, and contextual awareness.  This four-step cross-cultural learning program provides a guide to take teams and individuals on a journey from identification of cultural preferences through the establishment of real-world solutions.

2022-23 Certification Enrollment

The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™

ENROLL NOW! Learn the tools that will empower your clients with cultural agility, a global mindset, and cultural competency skills and knowledge.

Participate in a small group to learn during the 4 live webinars. Each webinar is focused on one of the 4C’s in the process.  Monday (First C), Tuesday (Second C), Wednesday (Third C), and Thursday (Fourth C).


1 hour – Pre-work 1: Participants take the ICBI cultural assessment online before the first live webinar. They download and read the introductory document to better understand the course.
2 hours – Pre-work 2: This learning component consists of a reading assignment that provides a solid baseline knowledge about cultural theory, dimensions of cultural difference, and self-reflection. Participants answer 12 questions after the reading assignment.
1.5 hours – Live Webinar 1: The first “C” of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process of “Calculate” is the topic.
1.5 hours – Live Webinar 2: The second “C” of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process of “Choose” is the topic.
1.5 hours – Live Webinar 3: The third “C” of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process of “Change” is the topic.
1.5 hours – Live Webinar 4: The fourth “C” of the Culture Mastery 4C’s Process of “Create” is the topic.
3 hours – Post-Work: The participant receives an ICBI access for one user.  They prepare for their coaching session and conduct it with a friend, family member or another person to practice their new skills. The participant submits their session plan, coaching questions, and a short video-recording of the session to the master cultural coach.



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Leaders in the field of coaching, training, talent development, human resources, and relocation learn how culture impacts the work environment.

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ICBI™ in Action

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Valerie Bath

Valerie Bath



Valerie Bath is a recognized authority on Cultural Relativism and its impact on the productivity and profitability of individuals and global organizations. She has trained coaches and employees from multinational corporations over the past 15 years. Previously, she worked internationally at Accenture and for scientific technology leader Texas Instruments Semiconductor. In both organizations, Valerie designed and implemented enterprise-wide multi-continent systems solutions working with clients and colleagues in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Satisfied Participants

The course is comprehensive, offers real value and has a system to identify values that may even be hidden from the individual. With these tools, living cross-culturally becomes less daunting.

Participant, Judy Hansen

The entire course content is very informative and the coach-student interactive sessions makes the training program all the more interesting. The training quality is outstanding.

Participant, Payal Jain

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